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Jiangsu Yonder Power battery Industry Co;Ltd

Company Profile
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Co***ny Description
Jiangsu Yongda Power industry Co., Ltd (registered capital for RMB 35 million yuan) is one of the key projects for attracting investment in Sihong County, which is located in the development zone of Jiangsu province. The total area of the co***ny is about 126 acre and the gross investment is about RMB 166 million yuan. The co***ny mainly produces different series of VRLA battery and plates, such as specifications

6V4AH,6V7AH,12V4AH,12V7AH,12V12AH,12V24AH,12V36AH,12V65AH,12V80AH,12V100AH,12V200AH, 6-DZM-106-DZM-14, 6-DZM-17,6-DZM-20,

which are widely used in telecommunications, electric power, railways, banks , UPS power supply, automobiles, motorcycles, electric cars and other fields. The co***ny strives to create the brand of ¡°sincerity and merits, Jiangsu Yongda¡±. After all projects of the co***ny are put into production, the annual income of sales is expected to reach RMB 800 million yuan. It provides jobs for1400 persons.

etc .

we assure you the best price and best products ,
if you have any question ,please freely let me know .

thanks so much for your kind attention .

Contact Us
Company: Jiangsu Yonder Power battery Industry Co;Ltd
Contact: Mr. Tony hua
Address: xiangjiang road,Sihong Economic Development Area,Jiangsu province ,China
Postcode: 223900
Tel: 86-150-61459525
Fax: 86-150-61459525

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